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    Just back from Mt. Rainier via the Emmons Route that was aborted around 11K ft due to weather. I was using the 24-week Mountaineering Training Plan as my guide. I am 60yo, my aerobic threshold is 138 and I was carrying about a 50lb pack for Days 1&2 and lighter pack on Day 3. I felt great on days 1 & 2 but started to not perform as well on Day 3 for the summit attempt as my pace was slowing down compared to the previous days. My general data is as follows:

    Day 1 – White River Trailhead to Interglacier Basin, 4.3mi, Elevation Gain 2864ft, Ave HR 96
    Day 2- Interglacier Basin to Camp Schurman, 2mi, elevation gain 1781 ft, Ave HR 128
    Day 3 – Camp Schurman to Rainier Summit which was aborted at 11K ft due to weather (high winds and poor visibility), 1.0 mi, elevation gain 1220 feet, Ave HR 147

    I don’t know if it was the effects of the altitude, not having a strong enough fitness base or cumulative fatigue from 3 consecutive days of climbing or some combination of these or other factors that caused me to struggle on Day 3. It certainly felt like ADS on day 3.

    Any insights or suggestions for future climbs?


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    NotOnEiger on #23526

    Did you train before you started the 24week program? Did you follow the exact amount of aerobic. That alone is already a great deal and congratulations of completing that. I don’t know Mt. Rainier but I see the elevation gain of almost 2000 meters with 50lbs ?! first 2 days. I think this may have been a muscular endurance issue.
    I wonder what the experts here say!

    TerryLui on #23692

    I too would guess ME being the culprit.
    If your 24 week plan didn’t include weighted hikes to prep yourself for a heavy load, you would’ve essentially been doing weighted box step ups for 2-3 days straight.

    What was your moving time for each day?
    That could give more insight into your experience.

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