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    Hi coaches! I’d like to preview the intermediate training plan, if possible. I chose the beginner training plan because I had taken about 3-4 months off running after finishing the NYC marathon. I do also have some history of some ankle & groin pain so I’m wary of injury.

    However, after reviewing the beginner plan, I’m wondering if this is the right plan for me. In the notes for Run/Walk progression for beginners, it says “If you are comfortable running you shouldn’t do this workout. This is another option for aerobic training if you are getting comfortable with running.”

    I’m totally open to run/walk for longer periods of time (it’s how I finished my marathon!), but it looks like the plan prescribes run/walk for all 12 weeks, and I am definitely comfortable running(training for a half marathon in March)! I’m wondering whether I should move to the intermediate plan, and if so, what that looks like. I may end up walking a good portion of the runs just to keep my heart rate down anyway haha.

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    Hello Stephanie,

    The run/walk progression is as stated for beginners who haven’t run. BUT on those same days, you see that you can choose to either do that or a general aerobic workout. That workout can be running, hiking, and skiing under your aerobic threshold. So, if you feel like the Base plan is right for you in general with training volume and what you need, I would stick to it and just run those aerobic days and not use the run/walk progression. If you feel like you can handle more training, I am happy to switch you to the next plan up.


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    Oh, duh, right. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that I could just run the entire aerobic time. Thanks for clarifying!!

    I think I would like to switch to the next plan up! My half marathon is on March 20th 🙂 This also happens to coincide with week 10/11 of the program and I’m wondering how to ramp down in anticipation- I definitely want to stay on track with this program and just wondering what the best way to shift. Maybe starting week 8 I could just keep all training at that load until after the race?

    Thanks again!

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    I am happy to change your plan to Intermediate I will do that right now. As for your race. Carolyn may have more ideas but I would do Week 8 Week 9 then Week 8/taper week getting ready for the 20th. Taking three weeks really easy will most likely de-train you too much.
    I hope that helps!

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