Adjust sea–level HR Zones for HR at altitude?

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    Use “16-week Mountaineering” as my base plan for Mountaineering and uphill Spartan Races, adjust backpack weight and speed depending on event. I live train at SL. Overall, happy with endurance at SL, but not at altitude:

    Spartan Big Bear 13mile yesterday (7k-8k feet), 6hrs for me — had to adjust uphill effort to keep HR in low Z4 (I’m 64yrs, so only 150-155). I limited HR partly to keep from cramping later. Maybe I’m sensitive to elevation…

    I think I may need to adjust my SL HR zone 2 (on my UA trng program) up 5ish bpm from AET, assuming I recover properly, OR add some z4 intervals… my typical training doesn’t get close to the intensity of the race, and I didn’t feel I responded well to the altitude.

    Getting to altitude for dedicated training is not a workable solution..

    Am I the only one that gets a 10+ bpm increase at 7-8k? Strategies? 1) Z4/5 intervals 2) Use slightly higher Z2? Combination?

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