Adirondack Hundred Highest summits in a single winter.

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    On March 18th, 2018, my 62nd birthday, I finished the ADK-100 Highest list of summits. I started on Dec. 22nd, 2017. I did the 100 peaks as day-hikes over 13 weeks (mostly long weekends). It was extremely difficult due to 40+ peaks being un-trailed and the conditions this winter being very gnarly. I snowshoed 30-40 hours per 3-day weekend and estimate I burned 30-40,000 calories per while doing 10-20K of elly. I was the 2nd person to do this list in a single winter and the 6th overall to complete the list during the winter season.

    I attribute a large part of my success to following the training principles that are laid out in TFNA. Additionally, Scott has been very generous over the years in answering my questions in such a clear and precise way that I could modify my training for the better right away.
    The attached pic is one of my partners on Basin Mountain. The Dacks had a lot of ice.

    This was my third big hiking project since 2014 and in each case I used the information from the book. Thanks guys for taking the trouble to put it all together so well and so clearly.

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    Anonymous on #9205


    Congratulations on pulling this feat off. Thanks also for the kind words about my advice over the years helping you. But as you know talk is cheap and YOU were the one who took that advice and implemented it to such great effect! My hat is off to you. Thanks for including the picture of Kevin so that our readers can get a sense of what winter “hiking’ in the Daks is like 🙂


    Chris R on #9242

    Hi Neil,

    congrats and thanks for sharing! Great achievement during a very snowy winter in the northeast!


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