Additional Ideas for Upper Body ME?

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    Hey guys, about to make the switch to the ME phase of training. Those hand walks on the treadmill that were mentioned in the book look awesome, unfortunately I don’t have a treadmill handy. Are there any other ideas out there of good upper body ME workouts to do? Thanks!

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    Steve House on #4545

    The inspiration of the treadmill-hand walk was an exercise my high school PE teacher used, the wheelbarrow. Get in a push-up position, have someone grab your feet, and then walk on your hands with them supporting your feet. Exact same exercise, but it requires a partner.

    Any dumbell exercise or series of exercises can be turned into a muscular endurance workout. Try this shoulder circuit:
    Do each exercise for 1′ without rest
    Rest 1′ between each exercise
    Upright row
    Lateral raises (standing flies)
    Push press
    Front raises
    Bent over row
    Reverse bent over flies
    Rest 3-5′ and do it again. Start the first week with this and the second week add on another circuit.

    This is just one off-the-top idea, you can design loads of other ME circuits with as few as two and as many as 10 (beyond that it might get silly) exercises.

    For further inspiration check out pages 166-167 of Training for the New Alpinism.

    shawnryan on #4551

    Thanks Steve! I appreciate the info. Of course! Good old wheelbarrows. Great idea. Did them yesterday with a buddy, will wear gloves next time! And in general your prescription for ME with weights definitely gave me ideas for others. Very helpful. Thanks again.

    Also, not sure if I’m the only one experiencing this, but in your forums I can’t see the original post that goes up with a topic. I googled the issue thinking I was doing something wrong, and from reading some posts, it looks like it might be an issue with wordpress 4.0? Seems like often the admins will be able to see everything just fine, but some (all?) regular users won’t be able to? Curious if I’m the only one experiencing this.

    Thanks again. -Shawn R.

    evan.skow on #4552

    I have had the same issue with not being able to see the first post of any given thread.

    Steve House on #4553

    Thanks guys. We started hearing this last night. I’ll refer the problem to our tech master and see what they can do. I don’t have this problem, but as you say, I’m an admin. Thanks for the heads up. Steve

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