Adding volume to 16 week Big Mountain Plan

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    Michelle Tessier

    Planning to start the 16 week big mountain training plan next week. I saw that the largest amount of volume in a week on that plan is 11:45. I’m hoping to work up to logging about 15-16 hours per week on average. This will be the first time that I’ve attempted to stick to a specific training plan, but on average I’ve probably logged about 500-600 hours per year the past couple years? A lot of that time has been in sort of a middle aerobic zone (not easy, not hard), that I’m learning now is maybe better to avoid? Any advice for adding volume to the 16 week big mountain training plan? General goal is to get in shape to do longer/ faster days splitboarding this winter. Thanks in advance.

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    You can add volume to suit your level of fitness. Just do it by increasing hours in Z1-2. I’d suggest following a similar volume progression as laid out in the plan in terms of the percentage you add from week to week.

    If you are averaging 15 hours/week and training for most of the year then you’ve likely been doing 700+ hours/ year. Have you kept a training log? Our memories for this kind of thing can be quite unreliable. If you’ve been doing 600hr/year and training 11months (about 48 weeks) then you weekly average is probably closer to 12 or so.

    Good luck.

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