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    Hello! I feel bad for having brigaded the forum with so many questions recently, especially when many of them have been discussed in great detail before that I just couldn’t find. If that’s the case with this, let me know.

    It’s been pointed out that I’m very aerobically deficient from years of running in Z3, and am excited to start training in z1 and z2 and see some progress. That being said, the current load of aerobic workouts in the 24 week mountaineering plan is both much less than my standard weekly load, and not within the example 8-12 hour a week time frame Scott mentions in this post.

    I definitely feel like it is safely within my capacity to do up to 12 hours a week of z1/z2 training, and am wondering the best way to add onto this. Should I simply make each run/hike in the plan longer to reach this goal or would it be wise to also add runs to days otherwise designated for strength training?

    Thank you so much!

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    Anonymous on #42194

    Below the aerobic threshold, all training falls under the “more is better” maxim. So within your life and recovery constraints, you can extend or add sessions as required.

    I wouldn’t swap out the strength sessions though. Those count toward weekly volume as well.

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    mzkarim on #42269

    I have also been doing mostly Z3 running.

    Anonymous on #42304

    @mzkarim: I’m not sure what you’re asking…

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