adding fuel back to training runs, post-fasted base build season

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    I’ve spent the last couple of months in base-building (AET). Runs have gradually increased in length to 3-4 hours, all in fasted state. I’ve done 2 4-5 hour runs in the past week, during which I experimented with taking in +/- 100 cal every hour or two. I should mention that these “runs” include power hiking and 3-4000+ elevation gain. On one run I waited until 3 hours had passed since my fasted runs had been that length, and on one I began taking in calories after an hour had passed. Both versions caused some low-level queasiness. Since that’s been an ongoing issue in ultras, I was disappointed to sense it happening again. I’m wondering when/how/if to add fuel back into my training runs, which will only be getting longer as I head into race season. How do I combine the fat-adapted work with fueling for the long haul? thanks!

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    As much as you can you should try to train in a fasted state and race in fully fueled. Training depleted will accelerate the fat adaptation process. From the sounds of it you have not maxed out your own personal fat adaptation. I would not expect to see maximal fat adaptation from fasted runs occurring in just 2 months. A time line for many months to years is more likely to show big gains. This doesn’t mean you should drag you sorry ass through long runs with that queasiness. So carry some food for those times when the glycogen tank goes dry. But give this process time to have the effect on your metabolism. In the mean time carry food but try to use it sparingly in times of need rather than preventively.


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    Thank you Scott; I appreciate it!

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