Adding elevation gained and weight carried to HrTSS

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    Hi Mark,
    Normally I bumb up my HrTSS using following criterion:
    1. 10 points for every 1000ft gained
    2. 10 points for carrying a pack weighing 10% of Body weight.

    Is that right?

    Also, what do you recommend beyond 10% BW?


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    Victor Grijalva on #68592


    Please check out the link below, maybe it has some additional useful info for you.


    MarkPostle on #68602

    Indeed the link that Victor posted above explains it well. There are many variations of course and theories behind them. I think the most important thing is to adopt a system and stick with it so that you can compare apples to apples over time. I only use the 10 TSS if its 1000 FT gained and lost (outside) otherwise I use 5 TSS per 1000 ft gain only (treadmill/stepper). I don’t actually think there’s that much training stress for “up only” machine vertical gain that isn’t already captured by the hrTSS. For pack weight its way messier. Personally I dont think its worth the hassle of calculating exact TSS fudge for every possible pack weight although it wouldn’t be wrong to do so. I’ll just add approximately 10 points for every 10% of BW. Of course 10 points for a 30 minutes workout is way to much and 10 points for a 10-hour hike isn’t significant so feel free to adjust as you see fit. In reality if you’re well trained a 10-20% pack shouldn’t be adding that much training stress that isn’t getting captured by the HR already. (a ton of descending would be an exception)

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