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Adapting for amputee

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    I purchased the 16 week big mountain program and will be attempting Mt Elbrus in May 2021.
    I am a double below knee amputee and find running can be a bit problematic at times for various reasons.
    I have an assault bike at home and was wondering if that could replace some running for aerobic work, providing i am still getting in the long hikes?

    Thanks and i enjoyed the book ??


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    I can only imagine the difficulties with running that you face. We normally recommend people substitute hiking for running when that can’t run. You can certainly use the assault bike for some of your aerobic workouts. However, bear in mind that this event, Elbrus is going to require you to hike many hours up and down hill. As much as possible you should try mimic the demands of the climb itself. If you have access to a stair machine, stairs in a tall building or actual mountain terrain these will all give better results.

    Good luck,

    stephen_handley on #49722

    Hey Scott,
    Appreciate the speedy reply
    I hadn’t realised there was an option to be notified for replied.Pretty new to forums.
    I have hills around me that i hike up but none are very high.
    I don’t have access to a stairmaster but have considered buying one for the home.

    I currently live on the south coast of Norway so plan on doing sone trips inland to do bigger and harder hikes.
    I did do Mt Blanc in 2019 which went ok but i want to be in even bettee shape for Elbrus which was what led me to getting your book and training plan.

    Thanks again

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