Adapting beginner marathon plan for a half marathon

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    I was wondering if it is possible to adapt the beginner marathon training plan to a half marathon? If so, how would you recommend going about doing this?



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    Michelle on #66944

    Nobody answered yet, but that was my question too. As someone who wants to get into long distances, I am finding a bit of a gap between 0 and marathon/trail/big vert. Because there is nothing here for us, I have decided to first do a Hal Higdon half marathon plan and then come back to UA next year to see if there something for me.

    John H on #67301

    I haven’t taken a look at the UA marathon training plan, but in general training for half marathons will look really similar to training for full marathons for people who will run a half around 2 hours or more. I have experience with other marathon and half-marathon training plans, and the main differences are the emphasis on long runs and Z3 (“tempo”) efforts.

    For people running under, say, 4:30 for a full marathon, it’s important to get long runs up to at least 16-18 miles, and more like 20 miles for most folks, for full marathon training. While that’s certainly helpful for a half, you can easily cap the long run at around 15 miles (if not less) and get pretty good performance. And for half marathons run under about 2:00, you’ll want to throw in more time at Z3 than most “first-time” marathon plans will have – say, one tempo run a week where you warm up for 1-2 miles and then spend 20-30 minutes in Z3.

    I’m a big fan of UA training, but for a first-timer running a road half-marathon you might be better served by seeking out another resource. My advice is Daniels Running Formula, 3rd edition.

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