Ad-Hoc Indoor Training due to Wildfire Smoke

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    What are people’s favorite indoor (at home) things to do to replace Z1 training? I was planning on swapping a 4mi Z1 run for about ~45 mins of going up and down the stairs from my garage!

    How are you all dealing with training during the wildfires?

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    Anonymous on #44893

    In the past, I’ve used a treadmill at home.

    briguy on #44895

    Treadmill incline walking is great. 14-15% incline and 4mph and you’ll see HR easily in Z1 and maybe even Z2.

    todd.struble on #45047

    I don’t have any additional suggestions – I just wanted to commiserate with the mental struggle of not being able to get outside. We’re going on a week of hazardous air quality here in Portland and I think like many others the inability to get our regular aerobic exercise/meditation/fresh air has been really, really taxing. The dog is also losing his mind. Coupled with the fact that some of our local iconic trails and natural resources are just…gone.

    The articles on motivation and coping with injury are really coming in handy – I’m trying to remind myself that my family and I are healthy and keep perspective that some setbacks in training are part of the deal, and I’m privileged to still have a home and filtered hvac air to breathe.

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