Accounting for a gap in training program

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    I will soon be starting the 16-week big mountain training plan for an ascent of Rainier in mid-July. I am traveling for 3 weeks in May and June, however, and doubt I will be able to do much training. What recommendations do you have for adjusting the training plan to account for this gap? I’d like to minimize any adverse effects of missing a chunk of the training program.

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    keloumat on #8309

    Great question, I was going to ask the same one. I will soon move from my transition period to the base period but will have a significant gap of 2 weeks soon after I start. I will be able to do some running and maybe hiking but probably not strength training. Then latter in may I’ll have another two weeks. But these shouldn’t be so bad as I’ll do some hiking during this second break.

    Anonymous on #8360


    You are are right to be concerned about these gaps. There is no GOOD way to deal with these breaks other than starting over in the training plan where you left off. By this I mean: Don’t just skip ahead to the calendar date in the plan that coincides with the current date when yo re-start. In steady go to the last day you did and start there or even a week before and redo that last week.
    Do this even is it means you will not finish the plan before the intended goal. You need the weeks that come before the ones that come later.

    I know it can be frustrating and you can diminish the backsliding by doing any maintenance work you can fit in. Going full stop for 3 weeks will mean you should probably redo the last 2 weeks before your break occurred.


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