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    I’ve been working to fix my ADS for a little over a month with long, low intensity runs under my AeT. I’ve been doing 12 to 13 hours of aerobic training per week. Half of them on a fasted state.
    So, there’s this 300m long hill next to my house that leads to some nearby trails so I run it almost every time I go out on a run. Today, coming to the end of a 1h30min aerobic run, when going into the hill, I decided to pick up the pace just for fun. I was surprised to find out I set a new PR on the uphill. And I didn’t even feel like I was going very hard! I just cruised up the hill and came down on the other side, all this 9 bpm lower than my previous PR heart rate.
    Thought you would like to hear this.

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    Anonymous on #9400

    Nice job! That sounds like solid progress.

    amet1984 on #9409


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