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    Hi. I´m wondering about how one would program for an event like tour de geant, except on Skis. I´ve listende to the podcast with Luke Nelson. And have a couple of questions.

    As i understand, they used ME as a tool for stimulating fatigue resistance. Im planning my event spring 2024. And am wondering how one would schechule ME with this much time at hand.

    My thoughts are to spend the first year building up aerobic capacity, general -> Max strength. (previously done some 30h. 10.000m traverses)

    * Then im wondering if one should introduce ME this spring, or just go on long ski trips building aerobic capacity?

    * For the 9 months leading up the event ultimo may 2024. I have some ideas;

    #1 introduce ME and then keep some time within the week until the next long workout Lets say: ME wait 3 days and then do a 6h run/scramble. And then gradually reduce the time between ME and one long run/scramble, and eventually in the specific period do ME and then two B2B long z1 on consecutive days.

    2# Would you rather increase ME intensity (first weight then duration/vertical) and then keep the 2-3 days after easy and then do Longer B2B runs?

    3# Would a 3-4 week backpack hiking trip carrying 30kg pack with a relativ low gradient be beneficial or would you rather do some more specific training. (I can modulate the trip specific for training purpouse) And i will have done 9months of good quality aerobic training and strength leading up to it.

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    Dada on #70702


    I would already start with ME. Try to find a good weekly volume which is not impacting your aerobic capacity volume and maintain this. You need to check if you can maintain ME during the ski trips since the ME effect from these are already pretty taxing.

    Rationale: ME can accumulate over years. Anton Palzer for example is still struggling in cycling since he missed many years of accumulating cycling specific ME.

    In 2024, you can then start to increase volume and intensity so you peak at your event. For the progression, I would rather concentrate on volume first and then weight since weight is limited somehow (joints, weight you can carry, lower back).

    The backpack trip is too unspecific for me.

    Not sure if I answered your questions.


    #skiuphill on #70803

    Thank you very much for your answer. So then basically follow a normal TFTNA protocol? Do you have any thoughts on the specific period, in regards of stacking workouts B2B and also duration wise. Keeping in mind that the base would be extensive, with lets say 15 months of building. Until, but not including january 2024. And then specific january-mid. april? taper mid. April to mid. May

    Dada on #70831

    My thoughts on this:

    What’s specific for your event? I assume it will be Z1/2. Do you agree? So, I personally would move from unspecific to specific. I would start highly polarized (90-95% Z1/2, 5-10% Z4/VO2max), then pyramidal with Z1/2 + Z3 (Z4 just maintenance) and then highly specific with Z1/2 from January to May (Z3/Z4 just as maintenance). The ME component I layed out above. Be careful though with too much training stress when you do Z4 + ME at the same time. Might be too much. And Z4 has already a very high ME component.

    I personally would separate the remaining time in 3 equal parts.

    Does this resonate with you?


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