8 Weeks to Liberty Ridge

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    Hey guys,

    I’m in sort of a weird bind I didn’t expect. I’ve committed to a six week crossfit thing (I know, I know) which is working really well to get my weight to where I want it to be for other stuff very rapidly but which is obviously crappy training for Liberty Ridge. I will still have 8 weeks until Liberty Ridge not including about 4 or 5 days to taper. In the meantime, I’m doing 3 AeT runs per week and one big alpine day (bc-skiing or peak climbing). One full rest day. I’m trying to treat this as a transitional phase but I’m wondering how much the crossfit will actually be working against me assuming I get all the AeT runs in. Furthermore, following the six week Xfit, should I move into actual training phases after base building? Thoughts and opinions with wild abandon please

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    Anonymous on #8802

    You of all people should have known better. Were you sober when you agreed to this:-)
    Seriously though:
    Keep aerobic training volume high as you can. The ME training effect of CF can be quite beneficial when taken in appropriate doses. Can you feign injury and only attend CF 2x/week? That much with a consistently high volume of Z1-2 could set you up pretty well.


    alexgauthier on #8804

    Haha, Scott I was sober but Rainier was decided after I already told someone I’d join them for a bit and I hate to go back on my word. The way things are going I won’t have to feign injury! On the upside, I am finding it’s helping with mobility, especially in my shoulders.

    I’m sort of viewing it as a strength transitional phase. My intent is to go back to my regular strength workouts once this period is over perhaps at a normal gym. Maybe move into Max Strength from this crossfit phase?

    Another option I was considering is to mix in some doubles with an early AeT workout and an evening recovery run (depending on fatigue etc)

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