8 week vs 16 week plan

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    My wife and I signed up to do a 3-day guided trip up Mt. Baker at the end of June. We just finished training for and ran a marathon at the end of March. Last summer I trained for and ran a 50K in October.

    With limited time it makes sense to buy the 8 week plan however, it mentions that it is for those lacking any training. Typing this, I guess even though I have been training for running events I am “untrained” for mountaineering, specifically.

    My inclination for buying the 16week training plan is because might be planning on doing other guided trips next year, etc. and also, we’re not going from couch to climbing mountains. We have some training under our belt and maybe we only do 8 of the 16 weeks to train.

    I would appreciate any thought you may have. I think I am overthinking this and should just go with the 8 week plan to make it easy.

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