8 Week Program and Denali Training

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    Ibrahim Cetindemir


    I am currently on week 3 of the 8 week ice program. I am getting ready for my third season in Ouray; this will be my first year leading and I have been training religiously.

    I also need to start getting ready for a West Buttress trip. I went to Denali this summer with only 5 months of training due to a a few back to back knee surgeries that sidelined me for the majority of 2016. I trained as much as I safely could and felt that my performance was average.

    I am looking to start a well structured training program for the West Butt and I think that your 24 week program is what I need. My question is: How do I combine both programs?

    Currently I am only doing the 8 week program and nothing else. I understand the importance of my Denali training but I am not sure how to train for both objectives simultaneously.


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    Anonymous on #6800


    You have hit on a common problem. Training for distinct and divergent goals always presents challenges and mean you will have to compromise someplace unless you are already at a very high level of fitness. As you see the Ice and Mixed plan is an upper body/core strength based training program. The 24 week plan on the other hand is an aerobically based plan using strength training as a supplement to all the aerobic work. Just doing both plans at the same time will be a big time commitment and test your ability to recover. Maximizing improvement in diverse areas like these two takes a serial approach over the course of years. Best gains will come when emphasize one are of another for some period while doing maintenance in the other then switch the emphasis for the next period. Over years you will become better in both.

    A workable compromise for this ice season is to begin the aerobic parts of the 25 week plan now doing as much of that as you can handle/fit in while doing the strength from the I&M plan. The leg strength training progression of the 24 week plan has a very specific purpose and while you can go straight the later weeks of muscular endurance and see gains (like if you started the ME in say Feb) you will not see your best results in Denali type strength/endurance. This would still be how I would recommend you compromise your training IF the ice season is most important.
    It is very hard to give this advice without knowing how fit you are in either of these areas currently.


    Ibrahim Cetindemir on #7120


    You weren’t kidding about the time commitment!. I am halfway through with week 5 on the I&M program and I have seen quite a bit of progress since I started. I just purchased the 24 week program and will start tomorrow morning.

    I will attempt to work on both programs simultaneously and see how my body recovers. I feel that it will be a bit tricky to combine the specific strength workout from the I&M program with the core workout from the 24 week plan; there are several days where I will need to combine them. I am also considering skipping the climbing workout from the I&M program to get a bit more of recovery time.

    Another issue that will arise as well will be my actual climbing trip, 2 weeks in Ouray followed by hopefully another week in the North East. Not sure how I will feel about working on the 24 week program after a long day of climbing.

    Either way I feel exited to have a more structured training plan, just hoping I dont over do it.


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