8-week hut-to-hut or 16-week skimo plan?

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    Which training plan would be more appropriate for a backcountry hut-to-hut trip (Yoho Traverse (Bow Hut – Guy Hut – Stanley Mitchell Hut)) that’s 4 months away? Do the 8-week hut plan starting 2 months out, do the 8-week plan twice, or do the 16-week skimo plan once? Or some other modification? I know many here could do this trip off-the-couch but from past trips the issues are multi-day endurance and leg strength. TIA

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    hafjell on #14344

    I’ve done the 16-week plan and it is transformative. Abide the fasted training days and you will be much faster on much less fuel. Good luck.

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