8 Week Advanced Alpinist Training – How to Maintain

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    I have been following Steve’s program for the 8 week advanced Alpinist Training and have seen great results. I love it changes week to week and has a strong emphasis on running, but simultaneously building up a climbing base and strength on top.

    My question is: I have an expedition mid July to the Waddington Range, and I feel I will be well prepared, then I return and have the remaining months of the summer and fall for big climbing. How do I maintain my gains and increase them after completing the program? Should I run the program on repeat starting from the beginning and simply add weight/time to my workouts, or should I focus on the maximum strength/LME workouts throughout the summer then repeat until next season?

    I love the program and want to incorporate a full time year-round strategy to see year after year growth.

    Would love to hear what people think on this topic!

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    Anonymous on #5471

    It depends some on what your next goals are. If this just one big end of summer climb 4 weeks after the Waddington trip then I’d say drop back into the program in the week that would give you the number of weeks of training till you head to the next objective. You can never have too much base. If you plan to do several smaller or weekend climbs without one major goal then all you’ll be able to do is some maintenance of the systems between these climbs if these climbs really push you. If you want to keep building the way you have the past weeks an ideal combo of training with weekend climbs (longer alpine routes-big days) would be something like this:
    Monday rest, Tuesday light aerobic recovery run, Wed Longer run with a hard hang board or bouldering session, Thursday, another run, Friday, light aerobic or off, Sat/Sun do long approach and long climb that is comfortably within your on sight grade (2-3 letter grades). This will allow you to continue to acquire fitness and skill. If you have open weekends get out for long run/hikes in the mountains. As you have probably figured out by now: The gains you’re seeing have come from a focus on building capacity. The more of that you do the better off you will be when the day comes when you need to utilize that capacity. Building and Utilizing at the same time, which is the old school approach, will not get you as far as fast even though our method requires some delayed gratification.
    Good luck,

    anram_87 on #83419

    Good morning;

    I rescue this topic, because I would like to have more information about the Alpinist Training plans, I have the 5 weeks foundation for rock alpinist, and understand the sound principles behind it, I can see that it is a combination of aerobic base generation and strenght for the demanding long approaches required to alpinist routes. My question is more related with the 8 weeks program, in this case how it is structured? It combines the aerobic base capacitation with the strengh? Is more climbing focus in this case?. As the pal before me, I would like to know how to integrate within a yearlong training plan.

    On the other hand, I have seen that a Rock Climbing: Add-on training plan has been developed “This plan offers the ability to layer two days of rock climbing over aerobic base training. With structured training sessions, you will develop skill, strength and endurance in climbing” is this a good option to combine with the 8 weeks alpine rock? or should it be combined with more aerobic base focused program?

    Best regards;
    Antonio Ramos

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