8 AeT drift tests

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    I’m in my 5th week of a custom program. I’ve done 8 drift tests on a treadmill (see attachment), and today I finally got a drift above 3,5%

    I’m 43y, 183cm, 77kg. Have not done any sports growing up and I quit smoking 23 weeks ago.

    For the last 5 years I have done 3-5 week trek every summer, and done about 400-500km of XC-skiing every winter. I have also participated in a couple of XC races… but I finish way back in the bottom 15%)

    It therefore feels a bit odd that the test indicate that my AeT is at 174.

    I have issues with my shins when running so all tests have been done on walking on a treadmill. I wouldn’t put too much into the incline and speed I have noted as the treadmills at the gym might be calibrated a bit differently.

    I have not done a AnT test, but today I felt like I was getting close to max work out on the last 30min of the test.

    So my question is – how should I interpret these results?


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    Shashi on #45205


    Welcome to the forum.

    Just to confirm, are you using a chest strap to record your heart rate?

    If you are using training peaks, can you make your most recent workout public and share a link?

    Anonymous on #45230


    Shashi is correct to ask about the heart rate strap. I’ve looked at hundreds of HR drift tests and never seen one like this. Were the conditions and your recovery status the same for each test?

    Your perception of effort is a good indicator of where you AeT is. Were you able to talk in complete sentences during this last test? If not you were above AeT. Did you feel tired from that test the next day? If so you were above AeT. If HR drift fails to give a good and reasonable result (I doubt 174 is a reasonable result) then use the MAF formula and for you I’d suggest 140 as a safe AeT.


    paul.valle on #45321

    Hi Shashi and Scott!

    I am using a Garmin Forerunner 245 with a chest strap, and I have a Training Peaks Account.
    Here you will find my 6th, 7th and 8th AeT tests.

    A couple of notes on the tests:
    – The warm-up is included and lasts for exactly 30min on all the tests. I slowly ramp up to the test speed and incline, and the last 7min of the warm-up is at the same level as the actual test.
    – The 8th test includes a 30min wind down at the end in (what I thought was) zone 1.
    – The actual test is therefore exactly from 30min to 90 min.

    I sleep really poorly sometimes. I’m kind of use to it but this probably affects recovery. Other than that I have no issue with recovery on these tests. The first few tests was done just days apart, but I didn’t feel that was a problem.

    Apart from the last test, these tests have not been hard from a cardio stand point. I feel it more in my muscles from walking fast at 15%.
    In all the tests I have not had any problems talking in full sentences, except for the second half of the last test.I am not able to nose breathe fully on these tests, especially not the last test.

    Yesterday (the day after the last test), I did another 2h on the treadmill. I tried to keep it at 137-140, but in order to do that I had to walk at 15% and 5,5km/h. felt it in my muscles, not so much cardio-wise.


    paul.valle on #45405

    test (had issues with posting on this forum)

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