3 months into Base Building – getting slower?

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    Hi everybody,

    I am currently fighting ADS for about 10 weeks now.
    In the beginning, I tested AeT/AnT to 138/171. I do around 11 hours purely base training now.
    First few weeks, I trained mainly around 130-135. But as time is progressing, my heart rate dropped significantly. The RPE I had at the beginning at 138, I have now at around 115-120, at about the same pace. Also, there is no Trend to higher paces at what feels like an aerobic effort (is there supposed to be)?

    I could never in a million years run at 171 for an hour (as I did only a few months ago in the AnT test) Right now. Reaching HR of higher than 120 feels very hard at the moment.

    The book says, that AeT HR should move up, rather than down? I am totally confused with this now.

    Anyone with Tipps/explanations?



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    Thomas Summer, MD on #54370

    Hi Peter!

    Can you give us some background about your training history!?

    pezrosi on #54372

    Hey Thomas, sure!

    Was a sub-3 hour marathon runner until 5 years ago, however, looking back, I always lacked Base. My 5/10k-races should have allowed me to run marathon something 2:40ish, so I was always on the faster rather than the enduring side. Probably I am also physiologically more a fast twitcher.

    Since then, I did irregular mountainrunning and occasional long weekend hikes/ski touring (10hours +). Weeks with 30.000 ft gain were followed with weeks of no training at all. When I did mountain running, I trained foolish like most people do basically only HIT training. I got to a point where I could run 1000m vertical in <1 hour but topped out there, no progress from more/more intensive training any more. So I figured my lack of Base is what holds me back, which I want to work on now!

    As a „fast guy“ extremely depressing and boring for me, but I am willing to do it for progressing.

    As said I do around 10hours/week, no more quick paces, 70% of total volume on a treadmill (live in a city with access to the alps only on weekends). 50% of my treadmill time I spend on 10%incline, other 50% on around 30% incline (but no walking, running in the sense of the word with tiny steps)



    pezrosi on #54373

    Just to add, my goal is steep skyrunning/mountainrunning with distances up to 20k with vertical of up to 2500m gain.

    Which is why I try to also do my base training on relatively steep „terrain“ (a rubber band in my basement…)

    Counting the days until I can finally do ME/Zone 3+ work, but as said I feel like going nowhere with base training right now

    Thomas Summer, MD on #54381

    Hi Peter!

    Good to read that you have a long training history. As there are some questions about overtraining in the forum at the moment, I just wanted to make sure that you are not dealing with the same issue;-)
    Lower HR at the same pace is normally a good sign. But that your RPE is going up is not such a good sign. Are you eating enough, or trying to lose weight?
    I would test AeT again and see where you’re at. You could/should do that test regularly to see if you are progressing.


    pezrosi on #54384

    Thanks thomas!

    Indeed, I am trying to lose some weight. My targeted rate of loss is appr. A quarter kilo per week. Important to know is that I am already around 12-13 percent body fat, so I guess calory deficit impacts me more than a more chubby guy.
    I already guessed it could have something to do with that and eated a large surplus the last week. No impact on my issue, however.

    I would not say RPE at the same pace went up as long as I am within the aerobic regime.
    What feels hard is faster running than AeT right now (but as Scott often said in the forum this may be due to my body switching off the FT fibers as they are used so few in this last time), but that does not concern me so much.

    What I am concerned with is that HR goes down rather than up (as the book says) and that I do not get faster at AeT.

    Thomas Summer, MD on #54423


    Why should HR go up?
    Not enough calories can be a reason that you are not able to get HR up and that it feels harder. Eating very low carb can make that effect even more severe. Especially if you are not used to it. And you are already lean. So that could be a problem. Why do you want to lose weight?


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