24 weeks training plan, number of hours?

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    First of all thanks for existing. My training life has really changed!

    Im interested in buying the 24 weeks training plan to train for Aconcagua in December. I have been training for the past 2 years following your training philosophy and I can handle 5-6 hours per week comfortably (without counting strength training) and I have been doing up to 10-15 per week consistently for 4 months. I mostly hike uphill with or without a pack.

    I wonder if the 24 week training program is good for me and if it comes with a standard set of weekly volume or if it is something that can be customized?


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    maxf on #7685

    I am currently doing the 24 week plan.

    You end up stabilising at about 10 hours a week in the base. A little less toward the end of the plan but the sessions are more intense. These numbers include 1-3 hours a week of strength training.

    I add climbing on top of the plan. Also worth bearing in mind a lot of the uphill workout only include uphill time, so if you need to hike down from your hill that will add some hours of easy on top.

    I think its a great plan. I thought I was doing more volume, but actually I was doing peaks and troughs. When you do 10 hours in a week and its day in day out 90 min run, 2 hours run, 3 hour hike etc, the training effect adds up!

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    Thanks for writing in. I do think the 24 week plan would good for your preparation for Aconcagua. You can always adjust the volume up or down a bit while still using the general plan and the weekly progression and all those parts.


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