24 Weeks expedition Training Plan – Hilly Terrain

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    Hi everybody,
    just wanting to catch your thoughts on the “Run/Hike on hilly terrain” sessions included in this Training Plan.

    The plan wants me to run/hike below AeT (in my case 143bpm) with a vertical gain of about 1000f (300m) for about 2h.
    My problem is, that in the area where I live its either up-up-up oder flat. So I’m having trouble following these recommendations.
    If I do an easy circuit next to my house it’ll be about 14km in length and 900m (3000ft) of altitude gaining. I won’t be running much if I don’t exceed 143bpm (except the downhill passages). Of course I can hike up and run down but is this still the same training benefit? I’m sorry but hiking just doesn’t feel right.
    I normally do a bit of mountain running and so far my strategy was to run as long as I don’t exceed lactate threshold (172) at which point I’d stark walking until my heart rate goes down enough to restart running. I’ve done some marathon distances following this strategy but for aerobic capacity training this does not really fit the rules.

    Do you have any recommendations that could help me ?



    p.S. I wont use stairs, gyms or what not ! I live and love the mountains. No way i’m training indoors ! sorry

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    TLoftus on #69408

    Hi Eike, Curious as to what objective you’re training for?

    Peike89 on #69409

    training to become a better athlete, to have more fun in the mountains… Just a more focused look on training for mountaineering.
    I’ve done the biggest part of the 24week program last year (until an injury and Covid caused changes in expedition planing) and was amazed by the results it got me. I was able to do very long and hard climbs in the alps and never overstepped my boundaries (regarding condition // fitness limits) That was/is an amazing feeling and it opened a world of possibilities as to what to do in the mountains. If you’re worn out after 2000m climbs and barely able to walk back down you’ll never attack a 3000m climb… If you know what I mean. That’s why I’m training.

    And I’m accompanying an Aconcagua expedition in January and probably an Everest Expedition in Mai next year.


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