24 week expeditionary plan as base for skiing

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    Looking to put together an ATP with goals in the Sierra and Cascade volcanoes during spring in mind, starting sometime in late June once I wind my season down.

    I’m wondering if the 24 week plan would be reasonable for base-building before moving into ski specific work in the early winter. Looking at 24 week then followed by one of the 16 week plans (with weekends built around in-season on snow training, hut trips, and having some fun), maybe followed by a shorter 8 week plan after…..but are any of these built to work together without focusing on a peak phase until the end?

    I don’t want to peak or ramp up too fast, would rather have a long slow-roll into the fall as weight-bearing aerobic capacity is really limiting my objectives. Looking to build some capacity over the next 3-4 seasons….

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    The 24 week plan will be a great choice for base building for skiing. It has a nice long gradual ramping and takes through extensive phases. I’d recommend it if you have the time.


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