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24 Week Expeditionary Climb – mixing in smaller objectives?

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    Hello everyone! Older athlete here at 56 yrs. I’m in the last 4 weeks of the 24 week training plan and the opportunity to do a couple climbs during this time have presented themselves – Mount St Helens and Mount Hood. Based on previous experience I anticipate that these will be 8-10 hour efforts with lots of Z3.
    I’m wondering how I should integrate these into these last 4 weeks. Should I continue as prescribed and substitute the weekend hikes for the climbs? Should I take a taper week before the climb and a rest week after the climb, thereby extending the plan further out?


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    anram_87 on #69848

    Good afternoon!

    Congratulation you are at the very end of the 24 weeks, how has been your experience?, if you do not mind I would like to use your thread so I can ask a question which is related to yours. I am going to start next september the 24 weeks program, my idea is to mix it with climbing (my main goals are more alpine goals, so I will be doing the 16 weeks Eiger program, but before I think it is better to have a soled Aerobic Base) I usually go to a climbing classes a couple of days a week and do some climbing trips on the weekends. For the climbing classes is better them to be done the same days as the aerobic or as the strenght?

    Anyone here has made something similar?

    Antonio Ramos

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