24 week expedition mountaineering plan: recent changes?

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    I’ve noticed the 24-week expedition mountaineering training plan was recently updated. I can spot some differences in strength days (now include rope pulling training) and load carrying days were introduced sooner.

    1) what other changes were made?
    2) what’s the justification for these changes?

    I would greatly appreciate if someone from Uphill Athlete could answer, as I’ve used these plan with success to climb mountains like Denali, Everest and Peak Lenin.

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    Anonymous on #63988

    I made these updates based recently. I did so mainly to make the workout explanation more clear. The training follows the same philosophy and the weekly workout structure. I add a lot of notes to the plan in hopes that users would be better informed and learn more as they use the plan. No important changes to any of the training though. If you used it before and it worked for you, it will only work better now.


    Frantik on #64676

    i also noticed that when trying to delete a whole week the notes are not deleted together with the workouts and are left there so if you are trying to mix and match programs it gets confusing.

    Is it because I am not using premium at the moment? or it is intended like this regardless?

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    Frantik on #64746

    Edit: i found it, there is a setting in training peaks to remove notes

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