2 Drift test in 2 days : same pace / different HR

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    I’ve done 2 HR drift test in 2 days to determine my AeT.
    First test : 2:30 PM (feed state) strength workout in the morning: 158bpm, 5:48/km, PA:HR 3.39.
    Second test: 6:30 AM (fasted) : 146bpm, 5:50/km, PA HR: 2.86.

    The RPE are the same for the 2 tests: its not hard, but not easy neither. I could do long sentences but surely not holding a long conversation during all the run. I could continue the same pace with the same effort for 2 hours (or more?), I would say.

    The results taken individualy look normal as you can see on the two files here attached.

    The pace is the same as well as the effort, but the difference in HR is huge (12 bpm difference).
    Two questions: how to explain that difference in HR? Morning vs afternoon? Fed vs fasted?
    Which HR to consider for setting my AerT?


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    paul.otlet on #46212

    -my previous AeT tested 3 months ago was at 143bpm, 6’32/km, PA:HR 2.75.
    -my AnT tested 3 months ago was around 167 bpm.


    paul.otlet on #46363

    Any inputs?

    Shashi on #46375

    Paul – I am not able to see the files. Can you attach them again?

    paul.otlet on #46378

    Hi Sashi,
    Thanks for your answer. You’ll find them here attached.

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    Shashi on #46392

    Thank you Paul. UA Coaches might chime in later. Making your workout public and sharing the link might help.

    From the images, your tests look good to me.

    I have seen the HR bump in my workouts as well. For the same pace, track and warm-up HR is higher for me in the evening (non-fasted) vs. morning (fasted) state.

    In terms of which test to use for setting your AeT, I think the recommendation would be to have a consistent approach. For e.g. I always do an AeT test in the morning on a track.

    If your previous AeT test was done in the morning, I would be more inclined to use your second test. Given the low Pa:HR, you may want to do the test again in the morning with a higher initial HR (say 150).

    Anonymous on #47813

    Do you have a preference for when you like to train? How are your energy levels in the morning versus the afternoon?

    I would likely get different results between morning and evening as well. For training, my energy level is much better in the morning, afternoons are horrible, and early evenings are fine. I would use the morning test.

    As Shashi said, the important thing is to use a consistent testing method. We are not machines and HR is not a precise measurement. It could very well be that your lactate levels are the same for both runs while HR is different due to other stressors.

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