170bpm AnT?

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    @MarkPostle sorry to ask, but I’ve been getting some funky results on both my AnT test & also now my Anaerobic Threshold Test

    I did the Anaerobic Threshold Test this eveing and ended up holding about 170bpm for the 30min test (I did it on flat ground). Whats surprising to me is that Training Peaks is showing a 3.64% drift for the 30min test(!). That said, the course was not completely flat & there was about 5m of gain & 15m of cumulative loss (this seems negligible to me).

    I’ve had trouble running the AnT test, but zeroed in on the top of my Zone 2 being around 150bpm. Frankly I’m kinda surprised by these results, but am feeling really good after the run.

    After the run, Garmin (perhaps helpfully or unhelpfully) updated my ‘lactic threshold’ to 171bpm.

    Have I managed to mess up both tests?!

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    Anerobic (AnT) test looks good. 170 would be a good take away. Ignore the drift as the minimal gain/loss affects it for sure. If you analyze the first 10 min of the test which is flattest you’ll see an 10% drift. If you look at the next 10 min or so with the downhill its actually -1.5%.

    For the aerobic AeT test I was looking at the October 11 data. A little hard to tell as its rolling a bit as well (you can see the HR rise and fall with the terrain) but it does look like 145-150 from that test. I would try and do it again on a running track and see if the data looks similar. Also hiking on a steep incline TM would give you another data point for comparison.

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    Thanks Mark! Thats super helpful & thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

    I was a bit thrown off by the steady HR throughout the test & its interesting to see what an impact even those few meters of rise and fall make. When I saw the drift I thought that I must be reading the test wrong lol.

    Thanks for the guidance Mark.

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