16 Week Eiger Plan – Question About Repeating Weeks

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    I am a couple of weeks into the 16 Week Eiger Plan and have enough time before my objective to repeat weeks. From start to finish, I have 20 weeks. I know I will repeat week 13 and 14, and I’d also like to add a little time to my base period, since I feel pretty strong on my tools heading into training. My questions are:

    What base period weeks should I repeat?
    When should I repeat them?


    Should I repeat weeks 13 and 14 back to back (13, 13, 14, 14) or repeat them as a pair (13,14,13,14).

    Any other advice or tips to maximizing this plan would be appreciated.
    Thank you!

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    anram_87 on #84363

    Hello! Did you ended up the whole program? How did you find it? I am thinking doing it after the “Foundation for Rock Alpinists” but I would like to know if it is worthy, specially how it is structured?


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