16 week Big Mtn / Mt Rainier

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    Hi Steve & Scott – Thanks for being out there for us uphill athletes ! My wife and I are hoping to climb Mt Rainier in June. We have been following your 16 week Big Mtn plan thru Training Peaks. Did we choose the right plan, and would you make any modifications to plan for Rainier ?

    Thanks Jack

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    You picked a good plan for Rainier. It’s a slightly compressed version of the 24 week plan which has helped hundreds of mountaineers succeed. It gives up some weeks in the longer progressions we like to see but it will still be a great one for a two day climb like Rainier. That peak was really what we were targeting when we developed that plan. I would not change a thing, especially the first time through. Next time you use it you will be wiser about who your body responds and what you need more or less of and then make some adjustments.

    Good luck,

    EARLEY.JACK on #20836

    Thanks Scott ! I appreciate your feedback !

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