16 Week Big Mountain Training Plan: Howto download workouts to a watch

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    I have the 16 Week Big Mountain Training Plan and TP / prem. ed. and the 2022 update on the 16 wk plan says “2022 Updates include:
    Workouts can now be downloaded to a compatible watch so the watch can time your sets, etc.”

    Can anyone pls indicate how this is done, and especially any experience if I can still use Garmin Conect as my platform, and I have a Garmin Fenix 5X watch

    My assumption is that my 16 wks pgm (which I purchased for a few years ago) has been automatically updated with the new functions of 2022, is this correct ? (“We update our best-selling training plans regularly and all updates are automatically loaded into your plan each time you reapply your plan for a new training cycle.”)

    Thx !

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    NataliyaZhuravleva on #70170

    I have the same issue with the 24week program I purchased several days ago. Does anyone know how to get training plans to the Garmin calendar? Thank you.

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