16 Week Big Mountain Training Plan: Howto download workouts to a watch

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    I have the 16 Week Big Mountain Training Plan and TP / prem. ed. and the 2022 update on the 16 wk plan says “2022 Updates include:
    Workouts can now be downloaded to a compatible watch so the watch can time your sets, etc.”

    Can anyone pls indicate how this is done, and especially any experience if I can still use Garmin Conect as my platform, and I have a Garmin Fenix 5X watch

    My assumption is that my 16 wks pgm (which I purchased for a few years ago) has been automatically updated with the new functions of 2022, is this correct ? (“We update our best-selling training plans regularly and all updates are automatically loaded into your plan each time you reapply your plan for a new training cycle.”)

    Thx !

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    NataliyaZhuravleva on #70170

    I have the same issue with the 24week program I purchased several days ago. Does anyone know how to get training plans to the Garmin calendar? Thank you.

    Jeremy Begley on #73348

    Having the same problem as well…

    Jane Mackay on #73400

    On Training Peaks, go to Settings – Account – Apps & Devices – Add New Connection. There you should be able to connect your watch. I’ve connected both my Coros Apex Premium and the Wahoo Fitness app. The workouts on my calendar now show up on my watch.

    This article provides more explanation: https://help.trainingpeaks.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000325647-Structured-Workout-Export

    In case you’re not aware, you can also sync your TP calendar with your online calendar, if you use one. A little above Apps & Devices is Calendar — copy and past the sync URL into your calendar. My planned workouts show up on my Google calendar and changes seem to sync quite quickly. It helps me with planning my days and weeks to have everything in one place.

    JayJayB69 on #73403

    For me the question is: Do they want there Trainingscalender on the Watch or do they want there Workouts on the Watch.I think it is a big difference, because only structured workouts will displayed on the watch. I‘m Not sure if the uphill trainingplans include structured workouts.

    Jeremy Begley on #73408

    For me I would like training to appear on my calendar within the garmin app, it would be great if those workouts would then make it to my watch, but I understand that only the Muscular Endurance Progression Workouts are the only thing built using ‘workout builder’ but even those workouts dont sync to my “workouts” to choose from on my watch.

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