16 week big mountain plan for the Cassin Ridge.

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    I have been following the 16 week big mountain training plan for about a month now. My climbing partner and I have been training for Denali and have finally settled on a route. We plan to attempt the Cassin. I am wondering if there is any additions that can be made to this plan to make it more specific to that route. A friend of mine who has done the route told me that he wished he had done more calve exercises. I often get pumped calves when leading steep ice/front pointing for awhile. This got me thinking about what other things might I want to add/ change in the program.

    I am really enjoying the program so far!

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    Anonymous on #39344

    Calf raises could certainly be added to the strength workouts. In our ice and mixed plan, we suggest using a big block of wood and wear boots and crampons. Hook the front points on the block and then almost any routine will help: concentric/eccentric reps or isometric holds.

    Do you have TftNA? One of the sample training plans in our first book uses the Cassin as the objective.

    gratmesser on #49385

    Hi Scott,

    I own the book but have never realized there’s a sample training plan in it.
    Any hint where I can find that? 🙂



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