16-W Big Mountain: Heavy Pack Training

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    I don’t understand the lack of heavy pack weights on this plan… the max is 15% of BW, but I may have to carry a 50-60 lb pack up moutain at elevation, in snow, which would destroy me if I didn’t train to it. I’m incorporating short, steep heavy carries 40-50lbs, but wish it was in the plan.

    Am I just weak? I do the “Mountain Max Strength,” but muscle endurance becomes a problem for me after hours of mountaineering

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    Jim Prager on #74605

    There are ME workouts Weeks 10-15 that you need to “Carry enough weight so that the fatigue in your legs is the speed limitation…not your breathing.” It doesn’t say anything about a percent BW for these workouts.

    Yamabu on #74607

    Thanks Jim, you are correct, my bad … I personally feel like I need more days with around 70lbs, but we are all different.. have you successfully used the program successfully? I had an 12-hr approach last summer where combination of altitude, pack weight, and elevation destroyed me… pack felt very heavy at 70-80 lbs, so I’m paranoid about that

    pedro on #74624

    Hi Yamabu ,

    Although the program has only 15% , doesn’t says you can not use more weight. As you know the program is done for guidance for a lot of people and so it is just a starting point .
    You can add a progression with more weight in order to make it specific for the activity/event you are going do. Make sure the adding more is sufficiently to be specific and not to much so that it doesn’t jams your capacity to move properly and perform.

    I Hope I could help

    Cheers ,,

    Pedro Carvalho

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