12 Week Trekking Plan – Scaling higher?

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    I started the 12 Week Trekking Plan this week in preparation for my second time doing Grand Canyon R2R2R. I think the general flow of the plan is going to work great given what I have access to here in Oklahoma City. That said, the overall load of the plan feels a little light given the 47 mile, 12,000 vert feel in a single day that R2R2R entails.

    I feel I’ve already got a solid base – could it make sense to scale up the plan, say add 25% to all the non-strength sessions, as a method of getting a little more work leading up to the event?

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    That is not the plan I would recommend for a R2R2R. It is meant for less ambitious treks. 47 miles and 12k vert is more in line with the full trek to Everest BC that is spread out over a week or more. For this kind og event you should be using Mike Foote’s Big Vert plan. It is designed just for such an undertaking.


    matthewsbc on #31407

    Thanks for the insight Scott!

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