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Scott Semple’s climbing life began in 1999, when he moved into his Honda Civic in the Canadian Rockies. He started out bumbling and slow, but ended up climbing hard and fast. That transformation was thanks to a lot of people with a lot more know-how than he had.

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Steve House and Scott Johnston are responsible for the bulk of his endurance education. He first started pestering Steve for training advice in 2005, and Steve introduced him to Scott Johnston. Johnston generously answered his questions, suggested workouts, and told him what books to read. Among other things, Scott used what he called “Johnston Intervals” for several years while he was alpine climbing.

In December 2014, in search of a more family-friendly sport, Scott started skimo racing. He got back in touch with Johnston, who offered to consult on his training via email. That led to an ongoing, mutually rewarding dialogue. Three years and over 1,200 emails later, Scott has a thorough knowledge of mountain endurance. In 2019 Scott raced at the ISMF World Championships as a member of the Canadian National Team.

Scott has climbed rock up to 5.13c, ice to WI6, and mixed to M10. In the alpine, he completed several speed and first ascents, including Ham and Eggs on the Moose’s Tooth in 4 hours and 30 minutes, Howse of Cards (VI WI6X M7-), and Spinstone (V M7R). As a skimo racer, Scott regularly places in the top ten in Canadian races and often wins his age group. In 2018 he won Canadian National Champion in the Masters category and earned a trip to the World Championships.


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